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Our Heritage

Under the umbrella of the Fauji Group of Companies, with major shareholding by FFBL – Fauji Foods Limited was founded in 2015 after the acquisition of Noon Pakistan Limited, a company with an over 50-year dairy legacy in Pakistan.

In February 2016, Fauji Foods introduced a new brand for the masses by the name of Dostea. Dostea is a liquid tea whitener which renders the perfect taste and colour you require from your daily cup of tea.

Founded in 1966, the Company’s brand Nurpur has been a household name across generations. After the acquisition, Fauji Foods relaunched the House of Nurpur in May 2016, thus reviving an age-old tradition of wholesome quality.

The House of Nurpur, renowned for its Butter in Pakistan is also gaining traction across its consumer base for other wholesome additions to its product range.

In 2017 FFL ventured into the Juices & Nectars segment with the introduction of MUST fruit juices in a range of exciting flavors.

Corporate Profile

Company Registration: No. 0002355
National Tax Number. 0786271-7

Fauji Foods Limited (Formerly Noon Pakistan Limited) was incorporated in Pakistan on 26 September, 1966 as a Public Limited Company and its shares are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

FFL – Ordinary Shares
FFLNV – Non-Voting Ordinary Shares