Chief Secretary Punjab has chaired a meeting of all government line departments/agencies and commissioners of the divisions to review and monitor flood arrangements for the monsoon season 2014 on 30-04-2014. The Chief Secretary emphasized that a proactive approach for disaster management requires thorough and timely preparation by all the departments. He highlighted that in July 2010, worst ever floods hit large areas of Pakistan in general and Punjab in particular. Gravity of the situation can be gauged by the fact that 1780 villages, and a population of 6.2 million, was affected in one way or the other, by fearsome deluge, as a result of unprecedented monsoon rains in the catchment areas of the 5 Rivers that traverse the province of Punjab. He stressed that the flood season, 2014 is approaching, and in order to save lives, property, infrastructure and seasonal crops, all agencies are required to ensure that necessary preventive measures are put in place, and SOPs are finalized well before time. The preparedness is aimed at mitigating the effects of the calamity to the possible extent through judicious use of all available resources.

The Chief Secretary further highlighted that the importance of meticulous contingency planning, incorporating finest details and clearly spelled out institutional responsibilities. He also accentuated that without complete assessment of threat scenario and timely plugging of gaps in response capabilities, meaningful results from proposed plans could hardly be achieved. He directed all the concerned ones to ensure effective coordination, timely information-sharing and implementation of comprehensive solutions, rather than adopting piecemeal measures, so that during forthcoming monsoon/flooding season, the best possible protection of life and property of citizens is ensured.

13 May Tuesday, May 13, 2014mon_date: MAY