Disaster and Climate Resilience Improvement Project


In 2014, widespread floods affected 2.5 million people and one million acres of crops in districts of Punjab. The government then chalked out a plan in partnership with the World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for responding to natural disasters.

The first scheme sent to Ecnec relates to an umbrella project “Disaster and Climate Resilience Improvement Project” in Punjab with a total cost of Rs10.2 billion, which will be funded by the WB and completed in four years. The project aims at controlling floodwater flows and path of river waterways within river boundaries as well as upgrading irrigated lands and existing infrastructure in the riverine areas.

The second one is the Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project in Punjab which relates to rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-damaged roads and bridges in Punjab. The project cost is estimated at Rs17.7 billion and it will be completed in three years. The Punjab government will pay Rs1.8 billion while the remaining Rs15.9 billion will be provided by the ADB as a loan.

The scheme fully funded by the WB relates to building capacity of Punjab in disaster prevention and climate change.

The project aims to rehabilitate and reconstruct roads and bridges damaged by floods in Punjab. The project is expected to be completed in three years. The Punjab government will provide Rs1.8 billion while remaining Rs15.9 billion will be financed by the ADB as a loan.

Implementation Arrangements: Disaster and Climate Resilience Improvement Project  The activities and investments under the Project will be implemented at: a) Province of Punjab; and, b) the State. For the State, a dedicated PIU will be set up at the State planning and development department. In Punjab, PIUs will be created at the Punjab Irrigation Department and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). All PIUs would be created within One (01) month of project effectiveness.

Project Effectiveness Date
Project closing date

Objectives and Components

  • To provide support towards strengthening the DRM institutional structure
  • To Build the capacity and equipping the Provincial Disaster Management Authorities Punjab and the relevant line departments
  • To provide technical assistance in sustainable risk mitigation and response to increase resilience to disasters.
  • To develop operating procedures and tools to foster better communication and collaboration across government institutions and relevant civil society stakeholders for early warnings, information dissemination, and knowledge sharing.
  • The Project will support in-depth studies to determine the frequencies for the occurrence of floods of various magnitudes, flood routing studies, and assessment of flood impacts with various return periods.
  • Institutional strengthening of PDMA
  • Capacity Building of DDMAs and DRM System in Punjab
  • Project Management
Total Project Cost
10.70 million US$
  • Expenditure Million PKR